Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



"We Together"

Female family members will participate in classes that focus on communication and self-protection through basic self-defense techniques. The aim is to improve communication related to personal safety between female household members and to provide verbal and physical techniques that can be used to defend against an assault.  



Let's face it.  It can be hard to talk to each other about important issues at times.  However, positive discussions and organized classes provide an opportunity for female family members to talk to each other.  It offers an opportunity to learn together and to enhance their relationships.  We Together creates a format in which women can come together to discuss ways in which they can choose to support each other so that the community is safer and happier.


The aim of We Together is to strengthen the relationship and skill sets of females who maybe placed in a position in which they have to defend themselves against and assault.  Mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, big sisters and little sisters will partner-up to empower themselves and each other.   The three different sessions that focus on 'Mind, Voice and Body' are divided into discussions to increase knowledge and awareness and actions to improve safety and self-defense techniques.  

Why Female Household Members?

Because 51% of all sexual assaults take place in the home.  Prevention requires the strengthening of our own family relationships in a way that is healthy and leads to an environment that is safe.  We can choose to support each other.  We can choose to listen.  We can prepare for things that we hope will never happen.   We can empower each other.