Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



"We Protect"

 Adult males participate in training that encourage a healthy sense of masculinity and an expanded a community network of leadership and social protection.   The aim is to expose males to situations where they can improve the safety of everyone in the community through discouraging sexual violence.  

Network of Protection


Male Leadership

Safety is not a 'women's issue', but an issue that effects everyone in the community.  Male Leadership and positive masculinity is established and recognized as a value in Bequia. 

Establishing a Network of Support

Adult men participate in a 3 day training : 'we just talkin', 'dating' and 'commitment' that take the subject from a discussion to a commitment to be socially responsible. 

Bystander Intervention Training

It really does take a community working together.  The best people to intervene are the ones closest to the situation.  Bystander Intervention training discusses ways to stop verbal or physical assaults. 

Where are all the good men at? Right here! Testimonials

 Colin is a musician that has made a commitment to sing about messages that uplift humanity and identify social injustices because he understands that words have power.   

Power is stepping up to support awareness with his friends and actively letting others know where he stands. 

Brinsley drives a taxi after-hours to ensure females get home safety if they want to go out for a night of dancing. 


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