Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



"Don't Trouble We" Classes for School Kids

 A multiple-session class combines theory and action steps.  It educates girls on communication techniques and safety strategies.  It educates boys on social responsibility and intervention techniques.  Both genders are empowered through increasing awareness on sexual violence and techniques in which to reduce it.   

Promoting the Future


Community Leaders as Instructors

Leadership stems from teachers, parents, police and other community leaders who complete the "Train the Trainer' instructional course and can provide instructional guidance to children at every school on the island. 


Both boys and girls are empowered to make choices that promote self-awareness and behaviour that is socially responsible.   Concepts such as learning to communicate in a way that promotes healthy relationship are discussed and practiced.  Awareness and education are the foundation which allow children to create a future that is positive, safe and supportive of healthy development.  Empowered children are the leaders of tomorrow.  


Lessons such as 'the 5 Fingers of Protection' combine ideas with actions that provide children with the skills they need to help be aware of ways that they can respond to potential threats.  It allows for the development of voice and a sense of healthy respect, so that children  are empowered to communicate what is happening in their lives in a way that offers them support.