Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines





 Bequia is special in that it doesn't just want to appear to be a safe and beautiful place, it is making it happen!  Bequia  is taking a pro-active and preventive approach to a social concern that effects so many communities in the world, sexual violence.  Bequia is implementing strategies that aims to empower school children, to strengthen family relationships and to develop a community of leadership and support.    

We Choose: "Don't Trouble We", "We Protect", "We Together"

Don't Trouble We


 Dual-Gender Educational Classes for School-Aged Children

 Our children can learn to respect themselves and others.

We Protect


  Creation of a Male Leadership and Protection Network 

We can choose to be protectors and to represent positive leadership.   

We Together


Communication and Defense Classes for Female Household Members

We can choose to strengthen our bonds and empower ourselves.

#WeChoose Media Campaign

Media Campaign


Help spread the message! Share a picture and a statement about one thing you choose to do to make the community better for all.

Promote choices on Facebook, InstaGram, WhatsApp and Other Social Sites


Be proud of the choices you make that help to empower.  

Share them with the world!  

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Awareness is the key.   

We can choose to learn, to discuss, to improve and to empower.   Simply by sharing images that promote positive choices you can encourage others.